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top 10 teen movies

August 21, 2018

I love cinema. If I had to choose one of my deep passions I would say cinema (of course books apart). I was around 11 years old when when I started to get interested in movies. I used to asked my brother (he is a freak of cinema) to borrow me some dvd. In two years I almost finished all the movies he had. I watch all the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s movies. American romance movies were my favorites. I was so excited about discovering new movies. I feel attracted to all about cinema; directors, writers, actors, producers, soundtracks, make-up artists.

I like to spend some days home just sitting all day in the bed and watching movies. Yes… I do that more than I’ld like to admit. Even though I love good cinema, sometimes I am not in the mood to watch something deep, or some masterpiece from a great director like Tarantino, I just like to find a stupid teen romance movie and relax. And yes I enjoy like a little girl. Today I bring you my top 10 of teen romance movies.




  • 10. 1 mile to you– I watched 1 mile to you one year ago, It really surprised me. I was not expecting that Kind of story. Strong narrative, decent acting performances, likable and relatable characters, typical teen love with some hard story.
  • 9. Reality Bites –  old school movie with  a beautiful and young Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawk. Really easy to watch and laugh with them. I love old movies.
  • 8. Midnight Sun – Yesterday night I watched this movie, I had to admit… I cried for the last 10 minutes of the movie. I promised. Sweet and touching.
  • 7. Dirty dancing – first dance, first love. Rich girl, poor guy different backgrounds. I love everything about this movie not just Patrick Swayze.
  • 6. Everything, Everything – I click on it because I fall in love with Nick Robinson and with Amanda Stenberg. She is so beautiful and talented. It’s a different teen story a bit dramatic, but both of them are doing a great job and I just enjoyed so much watching this movie that I played it two times.
  • 5. Before I fall –  all the movie is about the last day of sam, which I thought was gonna be boring; I don’t really like the movies where someone is stuck reliving the last day over and over. But this one is a bit special, Sam has to understand what she is missing. Yes, I cried. A lot.
  • 4. If I stay If I stay is the typical story of the good girl and the bad guy… but no, it doesn’t finish just here.Mia, a teenage girl, has to take a  life or death decision.
  • 3. The last song – I’m sorry I just love Liam and Miley. And Nicholas sparks. Touching, sweet, fresh.
  • 2. Stuck in love –  I love this comedy/drama romance. I love the roll of Logan Lerman, Lily Collins and Nate wolf. This movie make you laugh and makes you love all the caracthers. What a sweet movie! the story line, the heart, and the simplicity, I could watch it over and over again.
  • 1. Love, Simon First position of my ranking. I went to the cinema in London to watch it with my boyfriend. Did I mention before that I love Nick Robinson? Well, Love simon is just funny, sentimental and smart. Everyone deserves a great love story but for our Simon all is complicated because he haven’t tell nobody he is gay. YES to this movie, it deserves to be nº1.


Have you watch any of these movies? If you did please comment below which one, or tell me which one is your favorite teen movie or list.



All the love,





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