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How to get a Spanish girl

Why others nationalities feel so attracted to Spanish women?   I guess (what I observe for the past four years) it is because we are sweeter,warmer, more tender, savage, open and shameless than others nationalities. Of course our language and accent it’s really sensual, and mostly of South American female are dotted with big curves […]

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What’s on my Phone?

  Hello and welcome one more day to my blog! Today we are going to see what is on my phone and what are the best Apps for me. It could be that some of them are only for Samsung, but mostly  are for both, iOS and Android. So here goes the first screen of […]

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My first time 🇬🇧

IN ROMANIA!! On June 15, I was getting on a plane at 10pm to land at 1am in Romania. I was full of nerves and excitement. My boyfriend was waiting for me with arms wide open. It has been over a month that we did not see each other. I was more excited about visiting […]

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