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My first time 🇬🇧

July 16, 2018


On June 15, I was getting on a plane at 10pm to land at 1am in Romania. I was full of nerves and excitement. My boyfriend was waiting for me with arms wide open.

It has been over a month that we did not see each other. I was more excited about visiting Romania than seeing him. hahaha

We spend the first two nights in the capital, Bucharest. We rented an apartment in the center of the city, we felt at home. We walked the streets of Bucharest, I observe curious their people and the way things work. At night we went out for dinner with some friends… they were charming. Oh, by the way, I was dying because of the hot weather. It was warmer than Spain!

On the 17th we took our car, if it can be called so, direction Sfantu Georghe, my boy’s home town. We stopped at the Sinaia station to visit one of the most picturesque castles in the country, Peles. I had already fallen in love with Bucharest, and the castle of Peles confirmed that Romania was going to win my heart. After tasting a typical soup, delicious I must say, and a kind of cereal bread called mamaligutza, we follow our way to Sfantu georghe.

OMG! I was very nervous. I was going to meet his mother for the first time. I already had a great appreciation for that woman so I was like; Will she like me? Will she think I’m good for her son? All these questions were going through my mind.

A small funny detail I forgot to mention; I do not speak Romanian, nor does she speak English. Luckily for us she has lived in Italy so she speaks Italian and I understand it a bit! Such an international vacation right!

We stayed around that area until 21st. We visited Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country, where my boyfriend had lived for a year. It was very funny how the young people stopped him to ask for photos now that he is known! – Bvcovia

Also, Rasnov, along with its medieval citadel. We swam in the lake and went on a picnic to the mountain. His mother is an excellent cooker, more than vacations the whole stay was a magnificent culinary experience!

We also visited the famous castle of Count Vlad Tepes from whom, Bram Stoker, was inspired to create a Dracula one of the most emblematic literature novels.



On the 21st we started our roadtrip ….

First stop; Sibiu, a city similar to Brasov, but with a special charm. We stopped

a couple of hours, we took two coffees for the price of € 0.80 and climbed to sightseeing tower.

Then continue to Deva, where we stayed the night. One of the things that surprised me the most was when a child who was 5 years old approached us, lost and alone. He ate our ice cream. He did not speak English or Romanian. He just screamed ice cream! and ate happily. After 10 minutes looking for his parents, a woman arrived and him away.

We stayed in a pension, with houses in the trees and a beautiful garden.

The next morning, we prepared some sandwiches for the road and started driving.

It was going to be a very busy day. First stop Alba Iulia. A historic city and where Transylvania adhered to Romania. The citadel of the Roman era is a wonder.

Then we headed to Turda, and there we stopped for lunch. We had such a bad luck that it began to rain! We could not see the famous Turda salina. Finally we reached Cluj. Another student’s city with night life and very beautiful.

We spend the night in an Airbnb …… What a big apartment! Super large and well located and for only € 25 … airbnb is the future.

We went out at night, it was Friday, and with a huge ice cream, we walked for hours, talking about our dreams. Getting lost in the streets of Cluj. Falling more for each other.

The next morning our agenda wasn’t busy. We had to arrive to Targu Mures. We did not have anything special planned so, once we arrived we did the check in on our next Airbnb. We bought food, we watched movies, we visited the city and of course its citadel. Targu Mures is one of the areas with the largest gipsy population. We did not know that the next day things were going to go a bit out of hand for us.



We left the apartment at 11am and headed to the mountain, towards Sovata. To see a natural reserve with lakes.

Before arriving at the destination, we heard a strange noise that came from the car.

And boom! Smoke started coming out from the car … No.No no. We couldn’t believe it. The best part was that … it was Sunday and everything was closed. And there we are, in the middle of Transylvania, with a broken car, one hour distance from our next house.

It seemed that the problem came from the radiator or the water pump so we decided to walk to the lakes, and let the car cool down.

We enjoyed the landscapes, the forests, the animals … and we took the strength to go back to the car and face what was coming. Time 1 pm.

We try to drive the car to a central and busy point. We tried to reach some help. There was no self-service or mechanic nearby or open. No one can fix the problem with a small trick.

We call our Romania’s car insurance. It was not very helpful. Luckily, I call the RACC international line and they saved us.

We found ourselves at Sighisoara about 6pm. The next house was like a small oasis. The people we meet along that day was really helpful. They made us feel very good and provided us help.

Turn out that, besides the trouble to get there, Sighisoara was one of the most beautiful and colorful cities we visited. And with the best soups that I tried during the trip!


Finally, HOME. God. Sweet home.

I still remember the feeling when I jumped in bed after all…

In the next post I’ll tell you how were the last days, the visits to some friends from London in Romania, and finally Bucharest again. How was to meet artists from there, to be in the making of a video, and MY FIRST TATTOO!!


PS: sorry if my english is not so amazing :/



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