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My first tattoo 🇬🇧

July 23, 2018

Romania (part 2)

There were only 5 days left to leave Sfantu Gheorghe and return to Bucharest. I already felt nostalgic and I haven’t even left. I simply liked everything and everyone around me.

On June 28 we celebrated the birthday of my boyfriend’s mother. It was a lovely evening we had a good time. Just a quick reminder, we still don’t have a car. It coincided that a Romanian friend, who lives in London, was in Romania that month. We met in Brasov with my friend, her boyfriend and two more friends. A lot of memories from back to when we were all living in London. Sometimes I miss London (yes, it’s only been 3 months since I moved out).

The rest of the days we stayed in the city, we saw some friends of my boyfriend and we get ready with the luggage because we were leaving Romania to spend the rest of the summer in Spain.

On the 29th at 8am, we returned to Bucharest. We booked a blabla car, since it is more comfortable and cheaper than the train. The boy who drove us was a policeman, how funny! He was very nice, although he did not stop talking about Ibiza, football, Messi and Ronaldo. I guess it’s the best known of Spain. Well, Ronaldo not anymore.

When we arrived in Bucharest we went to the Airbnb that we had reserved for this time … mamamia this time with a bathtub that looked like a jacuzzi! In the center of the capital. Perfect. Every time I like Airbnb more and more. We left the luggage, and … what nerves! I DON’T want to go, I thought in that moment, I’m staying home. We had an appointment to get a tattoo. My first tattoo. I was freaking out.

My boyfriend, lets start to call him Bvcovia, gets tattoos in a studio so they can promote themselfs. It was a great opportunity …far away from home, from my parents, who says no then, eh? They were very correct and pleasant. I was super nervous, what a shame, I even asked if I was going to faint like the ones that appear in failarmy videos! Well, I must say at the end it was not a big deal. It turned out that almost did not hurt … women suffer more for wanting to be “perfect” because laser hair removal is 100 times more painful. Really. The tattoo today is great, thanks to funky tattoo Bucuresti.

We had no time to go home and rest because at 3pm we had to be on the other corner of the city to shoot a video. I had not had sufficient time to recover myself from the nerves of the tattoo, and now I had to meet artists. Really, I need a break!

I knew that my boyfriend appreciated those people, and they seem very cool artists to me and I respect them. I’ve been listening to their music for over a year and they are all very talented, so I was like, no, no I don’t even speak the same language. Well, everyone speaks English in Romania I can tell. And they were human after all, yes, and they were very nice. Filming a video clip is long and tiring but it was fun to be behind the cameras, one more experience that I’m taking with me.

In that afternoon, I was sitting for hours watching them and meditating, and I just came to the point that I also want to do something else with my life. No, don’t panic! I’m not going to start trapping now or singing, calm down. But I realized I wasn’t doing enough, I also wanted more. Those people inspired me and gave me a little push and courage to say; come on I also want and I CAN.

Finally, the day ended, and we returned to our Airbnb. The next morning at 11am we left the apartment. Our plane was departing at 4am in the morning, so we had all day ahead of us.

We headed to the flat where my boyfriend had been living till then. It’s the studio of PugLife Entertainment. A music studio, yes. So all day working, up and down, people in people out. At least there was Kinder, a pug, to keep me company. I have to say that singing, or trapping, is not as easy as it seems. I discovered that it was not for me!

After a long goodbye, at 1am we booked a taxi to take us to the airport.

You could feel it in the air. Sadness. Sweet, but sad at the same time. Sadness for leaving behind a year lived, for leaving behind the music studio where dreams were coming true. For leaving behind your loyal friends and those who have helped you. What an insecurity, not knowing if you will return to the place that once was your home. A mix of fear, joy, impotence and power … But as I say, as long as there is a will there is a way. No matter where, or when, or with whom.

PS: The plane departed two hours late. Thanks, Vueling. And thanks for reading me.

All the love,




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