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I spent 160€ in Romwe

July 31, 2018

Was it worth it?


Hello everyone!

Today I bring you a haul + review of Romwe/Shein. I spend 160€ in Romwe/She in, is it worth it?

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard about Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Yoins, Asos. They are literally all over my Fb or Instagram. All are online clothing stores, mostly for women. These stores assure a quality on the items you purchase as well as a quick delivery time. The price is really good for what they offer.

Today I am going to review the items I bought from Romwe and Shein. They are also two online stores, with free shipping where the price is super low. Unlike eBay or Wish or AliExpress, their websites look really organized and the design is good, so good that they could be perfectly like Pretty Little Things or Missguided. How is it possible then, that they are so cheap? Really, they are very cheap. Romwe is a Chinese store, and besides it sells many things from Shein at a lower price than Shein itself. Although the quality in both sides is quite low, the prices are really aaffordable.

If you are going to place an order, you must bear in mind that each item has a different size guide.  You have to pay attention and find out what your correct size would be for every item you add. You also have to keep in mind that the shipping websites take a long time to deliver your purchases. The first time I ordered from Romwe, it took four days just to confirm the order, afterwards four more days to get a tracking number and my package arrived more than three weeks later. To my surprise the second time it took only a week to get my clothes. Normally from all I buy I keep 6 out of 10 items. I no longer have space in my closet, or even in my room to keep all my stuff. Buying online is addictive and when you work more than 60 hours a week, you live in a big city with a speedy lifestyle, is really comfortable and handy just do your shopping online rather than going out…However I have made two orders in Romwe, each of them around 80€. In total I received 18 items for the low price of 160€ which is less than 9€ average per item. But is it worth it? Let’s jump into it!

We first have this crop top and the striped shirt. They fit really good and the material doesn’t feel  cheap at all. 👍

This  transparent t-shirt is not really nice once you wear it. The material is very cheap and it makes you wanna scratch yourself all the time. 👎


This red sport shorts  are super comfy and fit so good! 👍


Then we have this “Queen” ♛ swimsuit which I simply love, and the sunglasses I personally think they are really cool and trendy this year. 👍


When I saw that top I was like, yes! I want it. The material is really good and it doesn’t make you sweat in summer. 👍Also the  leggings in the pic are from Romwe. I must say the quality is not good even though they look really cute.


Next… I feel totally exposed!! There’s no way you can wear that tshirt without showin off all of your breast. 👎 I love the striped pants though, they fit super good and they give you a casual but more formal look.


I literally can’t fit into these two tshirts. I bought size M because I thought S  may be small for me, and even that I just can’t fit in. 👎

I’m in love with the second dress, it is all i wanted and more. With the first one… well that’s not the original I had to cut off the sleeves, but after that Is really great and comfy, fits so good and is giving you some curves.

Maybe red wasn’t the best color, I just wanted to show it’s a transparent shirt. Is really beautiful and true to size. Is not a cheap material that makes you sweat, is not hot either, is really soft and nice.

I also have a couple of Bikinis (cover photo) which are really cute and I’ve been using this summer and I had a really beautiful red crop top out off the shoulders…but you just had to use it twice to break it. Mention as well that the customer service is bad, and if you want to get a refund and send back your clothes, probably will take more than a month to get your  money back, and no, is not an easy process.

To conclude, I would honestly advice you to keep your money and spend it in other site like Fashion nova, New look, Pretty little thing or Yoins. You probably are gonna get less items for the price of 160€ but you can be sure they will fit and the quality is not going to look and feel so cheap as this and still they are really aforable websites. But if you just love to try new clothes and you do not mind to spend your money, just go for it, you can easily create cute and new looks for yourself, you have a huge varaty of styles and items, I personally won’t order anymore from Romwe.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found it useful!

Please let me know in the comments below if you like to buy online, what’s your expirience, what’s your favorite website, or where do you normally buy your clothes… Or is it just me I’m addicted to buy online?


All the love,



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