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How to get a Spanish girl

September 28, 2018

Why others nationalities feel so attracted to Spanish women?


I guess (what I observe for the past four years) it is because we are sweeter,warmer, more tender, savage, open and shameless than others nationalities.

Of course our language and accent it’s really sensual, and mostly of South American female are dotted with big curves and nice bodies.

Do you want to get a Spanish mamasita?  Be prepared to live life to the full.


Spanish slinky beauty, and dark hair/eyes are one of the most attractive things about us, so you have to make us trust you. You also have to appreciate other qualities (from all the women) not just the outside.

As a Spanish woman I would say that we tend to think about people from Europe (or the north) that are cold and distant. Maybe a bit unemotional for us. So it’s better if you start to relax and enjoy the warmth and fun-loving lifestyle of the Latinos.

You will have to flirt. Yes I said flirt, we (Spanish girls) love to flirt and to be flirted, it is almost like a life necessity (like in high school, yes).

For us family always comes first. Generally we are united families in contact and closed relations. If we have to, we drive 6h to visit our family. We also have a strong passion for delicious food. Or food in general. Or maybe that’s only me.

How is to date a Spanish girl?

(this is data based on my boyfriend’s experience, personal and almost scientific).

  • Get use to eat a lot of Spanish omelet tortilla de patatas and to love it but don’t try to cook it, definitely hers is better.
  • Get use to listen reggeton (Maluma baby) and Pablo Alboran with his te he echado de menos... That you will hate. Even I do, but it’s in my DNA.
  • Accept that you will go out for dinner. A lot. Seriously, a lot. Alone, with friends, with family.
  • If you don’t like wine…. get friendly with the idea that you will drink it. In private dinners, in romantic, in family dinners, in… everywhere.
  • Don’t panic if all of a sudden she is getting crazy singing and dancing around the house. Or screaming. We don’t keep emotions inside. Sorry.
  • Don’t bother to learn other languages or to be cautious when you are going somewhere new. She will speak for both of you with smiles and signs.
  • Don’t try to make her behave or be “normal” spanish have sangre caliente. Party is way more fun. Make friends is easier. Feel comfortable with strangers as well. Your self-confident will grow. Don’t be shy.
  • Get use to watch Las chicas del cable and La casa de papel.
  • You will have to deal with her superstitions like… you can’t walk under a scaffold its bad luck.
  • You better like a paella and be ready to spend the summers in the beach or in el pueblo.
  • Be ready to meet all her friends and understand we are like family. Everywhere, any time.
  • Try to avoid fighting… our fiery personality it’s charming.
  • Be romantic sometimes… we loved good food, flowers and movies. Dance or laugh. We have a party soul. (Not like club party but we are enthusiastic).
  • Be patience, we are always late. We take time to do everything, we don’t rush.
  • Do you know that it’s almost a holy tradition to sleep after lunch? Yes, we named it siesta. It is the biggest pleasure of the day.
  • Did you ever heard before about the Argentinian or Canary accent? Well we love it. But don’t bother to learn it.
  • You will not understand why we order small beers in the bar. Well there are two main reasons; 1st  it’s always hot and we talk a lot, so it’s better order a small to keep it cold. 2nd we go from bar to bar trying pinchos/tapas and drinking beer, if you don’t wanna ruin the party or get drunk too soon, stick with small beers.
  • It will surprise you how the best medicine is honey with lemon and also soups.
  • And, we are open-minded and we like physical contact with people. To give hugs and two kisses to people we know, or we just meet, it’s the rule. You also have to do it, or you will seem rude, really rude.

After this, are you ready to date a Spanish girl?




All the love,


  1. I don”t look it, aside from somewhat short legs, but I”m a quarter Mexican. My grandmother on my father”s side was from Chihuahua. My grandfather was full Irish, making my father a half-breed in Santa Fe, NM. He didn”t enjoy the experience. My father spoke Spanish and English equally well. However, he wouldn”t teach me as a child, which I regret, given how children absorb languages like leaning up against “Fresh Paint signs and Spanish is a handy language to know these days. But that wasn”t the style in those days. Hispanic parents wanted their children to learn English. Maybe they didn”t go so far as my father in refusing to teach Spanish, but they wanted their children to be part of America.

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