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August 18, 2018


Hello everyone and welcome to life of Amaya!

In today’s posts I bring you a few EVERYBODY SHOULD KNOW HACKS.  I loved to spend time checking videos, or reading about hacks, here are some life hacks that I use and I hope you can find them useful too. Let’s jump into it 



  1. When you want but you can’t fit two bowls inside the microwave, just put a cup and place one of the plates or bowls on top of the cup just like this;
  2. If you want a really cold drink but you don’t like to wait, just wrap a bit of wet paper around and put it on the cooler, in 10 minutes you will have a really cold drink to enjoy this summer!
  3. Sellotape… we all hate when we can’t find the end of the tape roll. Just put a paper clip to mark the end and it will be much easier next time.
  4. To do a homemade fresh spray to keep your hair hydrated this summer you can just mixed coconut milk or water and olive oil and mix it all. Keep in a spray bottle and just spray into your hair when it’s dry. It will keep it much more hydrated and shiny.
  5. If the mosquitos are killing you this summer a really good trick is to put tooth paste, in a few hours the bite will disappear.
  6. Strawberries for the summer… But how annoying is to remove the lead? Just use a straw push from bottom to top and keep your fingers clean.
  7. If you want to get tan quickly, you can eat carrots or pumpkin. Or just do a homemade bronze spray with oil and pumpkin.
  8. When you are boiling water and you don’t know what to do with the wooden spoon, just place it across the top of the pan, and you will avoid over boiling.
  9. If you are in a rush and your hair is not so clean, just drop a bit of baby powder on top and brush it. It will remove all dirty and fat from it making you hair look clean and fresh.
  10. When your phone, or your shoes are dirty, just clean with an eraser/rubber. It will make your shoes look brand new, and your screen phone completely clean free of fingerprints.
  11. If you want to make your curls more defined, just wrapped your hair in foil and straightening your hair on top.
  12. If your shirt is not ironed and you have to hurry, just spray or drop some water on it and after dry with hairdryer.
  13. For a bout of hiccups just eat a sugar spoon, or drink water upside down.
  14. When you are reading a book but you don’t have a book marker, just use a rubber band. That way you don’t have to destroy the pages of your book.
  15. If you finished doing your eye makeup and you made a mess just at the end, just cover up with highlighter or concealer.


Every time I travel I keep in mind this few hacks to make everything easy and simple.

  1. When you are packing your just make sure you use the space inside of the shoes or even socks to storage. You can keep small or fragile things.
  2. If you don’t want to break your powder make up put cotton inside, it will protect and prevent from breaking.
  3. Store your jewelry inside straws. Yes, this is weird but I promise is worth it. You don’t have to worry anymore about making a mess with all your necklace or bracelets.
  4. Use Yelp or TripAdvisor to find cool restaurants or things to do.
  5. Take an empty bottle of water with you to the airport and after the control just fill it up. You will save lots of money on water when traveling.
  6. Use and incognito window to find plane tickets or train tickets. That way the price won’t increase every time you check. Your cookies will be protected.
  7. Check Pinterest to get some inspiration or to plan your itinerary.
  8. Prepare your clothes with time; think what you are going to do and how long you are going to stay. Take neutral colors so you can mix and match all of them and do more looks. Prepare a look for everyday that way you won’t take extra.

Do you have any usuful hacks, beauty hacks, lifestyle hacks or anyother hacks to share? Please let me know in the comments below ♥

All the love,




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