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13 Reasons why to study online

October 7, 2018

Are you working and studying at the same time? Do you want to be independent but you have to study and you don’t have time to work and therefore haven’t money to pay the rent? Is it too much effort to work full time and study full time? Stress? Tiredness?

I will share my experience of studying online because it really help me with all this problems and I am really happy with my decision.

This is my second year studying online. The first time I studied online was in London. I was working full time (more than 50h a week) and studying. It was really hard to study and work full time, living in a big city with a speedy lifestyle but the real reason why I quit is because I wasn’t doing something I liked. 

As I liked the experience of studying online I decided to do the same this year and become a marketing student, but instead of working full time I could work part time and also take my driving license, learn some languages and do some extra short-courses to invest time thoroughly.

I choose marketing because it offers work in many fields, you can combine courses, marketing its everywhere, it’s really international, I like digital marketing, I like to create and edit content for marketing and advertising, I like event planner and after trying for one year to study social studies I realize it wasn’t for me. I decided to give marketing a try.


Why I like to study online


  1. Studying online gives you more flexibility more time for yourself.
  2. No paper books, more ecological.
  3. Generally the costs of the study online are lower.
  4. Self-discipline and responsibility.
  5. Unlimited access of resources.
  6. More intimate support with teachers and online communication is faster, you don’t have to check the agenda or make an appointment or wait in the class and waste time.
  7. You can take breaks and come back fresh to study, unlike in class sitting for hours without actually listening to what the teacher says.
  8. You have also online video classes, videoconferences and forums.
  9. Some centers have one class attendance every week where you can assist if you need to.
  10. Group projects are easier to do online. Everybody can find time or do their part without having to waste 5 hours to meet somewhere and travel.
  11. No travel involve which means more time, less costs.
  12. In class study you have to stick to the timetable and attendance is mandatory
  13. Yes you can meet people, all over the world.


Study online it is a study like any other hence you have to invest time and effort and you have to be really tenacious. If you make the decision to study (online or face study) you have to take it serious and make the best experience of it.





How to find what to study?


There’s a long-wide list of studies you can choose. It’s normal to be confused and lost don’t worry. (I am still confused). But it’s important that you make a decision based in what you want to do tomorrow and how you imagine yourself in the future. Make a list of all the studies you like or you have curiosity about. After you have the list think about all the career opportunities that this studies may have and try to picture yourself there. Don’t let other people interfere in you decision because if you do that, maybe you will regret. You are the one that has to take responsibility for your own future. It is okay if you don’t like some areas of your study; you can always change, combine, and study extra courses to expand your knowledge. What is really important is to choose something where you can see yourself enjoying, learning, working for it and having some assurance that in the market there’s place for that job and just make it possible. For example in Spain journalism it’s a big field but to find a job it’s difficult. So what? If it’s what you like do it you can always find a way through.


tips to study

how to make it possible?


You have to schedule and organize your time. Here a few tips to study and manage your time and keep organize.

  • Do a weekly plan with your subjects and extra activities, work, plans or hobbies.
  • Dream big, do a list with long term goals and short term goals. Treat yourself as they are fulfilled
  • Try to keep a routine, wake up at the same time and have your daily routine done always.
  • Take breaks every two hours or regularly to refresh yourself when studying.
  • Read everything like a story first, no rush, enjoy the reading with a coffee or tea and after take notes and go deeper into it.
  • Check extra content like videos, documental or stories to make it more simple and interesting. You can find on YouTube lots of storytelling videos about almost all topics and they are very entertaining and clear.
  • Use colors to study. Use different notebooks. Separate proper your subjects.
  • Use stickers to remember your tasks and to organize your materials.
  • Drink lots of water and eat snacks for your brain.
  • Play yourself to test; simulate exam day.
  • Know yourself and find when the best time to study is. Some people prefer nights, early mornings… find what works for you and be constant.
  • Have a proper place to study. Your room, office, a café… a place where you feel comfortable and can focus.
  • Keep in mind Internet is an ally.

Are you studying? if yes let me know in the comments below what are you studying and which tips you use to organize your time. If you don’t know what to choose or how to achieve it you can also let me know. I hope this help you, it worked for me 😘




All the love,



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