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12 lies every girl tells

November 14, 2018

pretty little liars


Welcome back!

Here are 12 lies that every girl tells, and believe me ,when I say every girl I mean it. Even if we say we don’t… Reality is that we do.


1) I am on a diet. Next week.

This means, we want to eat healthy and stop eating shit, but next week is not on the calendar.

2) Yeah that looks cute on you, sure, it’s your style.

Which really means: I don’t like it at all, but you seem to love it and I don’t want to hurt your feelings.

3) I am on my way.

Literally means I am still in the shower, have to dry my hair, get dressed  and make up. But I’ll be there in 10 (eternal) minutes.

4) I am almost ready, 2 minutes.

This means, we are singin songs in front of the mirror, taking selfies for Instagram and haven’t decide yet what to wear.

5) Everything it’s fine / yes I am fine.

No, no and no. Nothing is fine.

6) I’ll pay you back.

It’s not true. I’ll completely, accidentally forgot about it.

7) No, really you don’t have to buy me a gift.

You better buy me a gift bitch. You know me, you know I love gifts.

8) Whatever I don’t care, have fun.

Abort mission. Do not have fun.

9) I am busy now.

Busy watching 10 seasons of Friends or 6 seasons of gossip girl.

10) No I don’t mind about the likes on Instagram to other girls.

Who is that girl on Instagram? No of course I am not mad. (I just want to kill you both).

11) Oh, I just saw the message now / I had no sign

No, I saw it at the moment but I had better things to do like, nothing all day.

12) I’ll call you later.

We could defined later as a period of two or three days later. In some cases, later is synonymous of never.


Who can relate?



All the love,

Amaia ♥


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